Online Personal Leadership Style Profile

Online Personal Leadership Style Profile

A multi choice questionnaire which reveals a leader's approach to leading people dependent upon varying situations and the abilities of the individuals being led. Using the four approaches of Controlling/Organising, Training/Coaching, Supportive/Empathetic, and Entrusting/Empowering Styles the model will help to identify how a leader can alter their style to improve overall results. Time taken to complete: 20 minutes approximately.

  • Understand the situational approach to leadership
  • Develop better negotiation skills
  • Improve outcomes for team members
  • Online Process

    Thank you for purchasing the Online Profile. Shortly, you will receive a link from our servers. Maximum time to wait would be 24 hours. The link will take you to the questionnaire which you can then complete in one go. To receive your results, simply log back on to the portal where you will be able to see and download the information.

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