Assertive Message CardGood communication requires being able to put your point across. Often this needs careful planning. The Six Step Assertiveness Process is a tried and tested way of achieving your communication goals. The handy Assertive Message Card clearly defines the key points of the messages. Side one of the card illustratesthe six key parts of the Assertive Message which are : The message, Empathy, Behaviour, Feelings, Effects,  Consequences Side two goes through the six step process of how to put themessage across.
Communication Skills: The Six Step Assertive Message Training Module Digital DownloadCommunication Skills: The Six Step Assertive MessageTraining Module Digital Download: This short 60 minute module provides training notes and PowerPoint slides on how to change someone's behaviour by giving an effective Assertive Message. It is an ideal addition to a Communication Skills Course and uses the Six Step Assertive Pocket Checklist (plastic card). The notes are comprehensive and enable individuals without training experience to give this presentation.
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Personal Behaviour Profile

Good communication skills are vital to the success of an organisation. The Personal Behaviour Profile helps identify whether a person is aggressive, assertive, accommodating or just avoids confrontation. The profile contains questions which relate to everyday situations thus making it very easy for anyone to complete. The profile is ideal for courses dealing with behaviour, assertiveness, selling, and negotiation skills. Time required for completion: Approximately 20 minutes.

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Public Speaking CardSpeaking With Confidence in Public can be daunting for many people. Stress is a key factor in destroying the confidence of many. However, good preparation and an understanding of the key principles of public speaking will always make the task much easier. This handy Speaking with Confidence card is a great asset to any public speaker. Side one reminds you of how to prepare for a speech orpresentation.Side two gives helpful reminders of actions required duringthe speech or presentation.