Leadership Profiles

Action Centred Leadership Profiles

Action Centred Leadership ProfilesLPT supplies all the profiles linked with Action Centred Leadership. A multi choice question, self-scoring profile that indicates your leadership style according to John Adair's Action Centred Leadership Model. PLP1 is for senior managers, PLP2 is for team leaders and supervisors and PLP3 is applicable to all levels of leaders and comes with an action plan and checklist. Also available are the Effective Leadership Assessment and the Senior Leadership Assessment which can be used in a 360 Upward Feedback process.

Situational Approach to Leadership

Situational Approach to LeadershipThose who take on the role of leader develop an individual approach on how to lead their organisation. Personal approaches to leadership are constantly challenged by unforeseen situations and issues that arise each business day. Situational leadership is the change in approach that a manager must take in response to the day-to-day challenges of business. Situational leadership is the art of adjusting your leadership style to effectively respond to any change in your work environment. LPT provides the Leadership Style Profile which helps ascertain how a leader functions within different situations.